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O'Keeffe ST, Tsapatsaris NP, Beetham WP Jr
The Journal of rheumatology
Color chart assisted diagnosis of Raynaud's phenomenon in an unselected hospital employee population.
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The prevalence of Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) in 750 subjects was assessed by questionnaire, clinical interview, and use of a chart of color photographs taken of hands during attacks of RP. Eighty-three of 600 women (13.8%) and 7 of 150 men (4.7%) reported cold induced digital color changes on the questionnaire, 76 women (12.7%) and 6 men (4%) were diagnosed as having RP at an independent clinical interview, and 3 women could not be assessed using the color chart because of defective color perception. Fifty-four of the remaining 597 women (9%) and 6 of 150 men (4%) were diagnosed as having RP when a positive response to both chart and questionnaire was required. The color chart should be useful in lessening the frequency of false-positive responses and in standardizing the diagnosis for epidemiological surveys.
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