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Anne Byrne
Connemara Sea Week, 2012
'Landscapes of Movement'
Letterfrack, Connemara
Invited Paper
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Annual week long gathering devoted to Connemara organised by Leo HallisseyExtract from paper and slide show  'Landscapes of Movement' What can we Know? What can we read about the social organization, complexity and demography of an island (abandoned?) from landscape features, crumbling built heritage, detritus of machinery, fruit trees and gardens, vestiges of farming practices, newspaper and documentary accounts – the children’s stories from the 1930s archived in the IFC - photographs – and what can be known from those who witnessed growing up and leaving the island behind? Their stories are woven from memory. Why do we want to know about how life was lived in the past? What can we learn from these ancestors? The past grounds the present.  
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