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Battel-Kirk, B; Van der Zanden, G; Schipperen, M; Contu, P; Gallardo, C; Martinez, A; de Sola, SG; Sotgiu, A; Zaagsma, M; Barry, MM
Health Education & Behavior
Developing a Competency-Based Pan-European Accreditation Framework for Health Promotion
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accreditation health promotion quality assurance workforce development
Background. The CompHP Pan-European Accreditation Framework for Health Promotion was developed as part of the CompHP Project that aimed to develop competency-based standards and an accreditation system for health promotion practice, education, and training in Europe. Method. A phased, multiple-method approach was employed to facilitate consensus building with key stakeholders in health promotion across Europe. Consultation processes included focus and discussion groups at European and country levels, an online survey, a web-based consultation, and testing in academic and practice settings. Successive drafts of the Framework (a total of five) were revised based on the feedback from each consultation stage. Findings. A total of 405 participants from 29 of the 34 target countries contributed to the consultation process. The overall response to the Framework was positive, with negative feedback focusing mainly on the barriers that may impact on its implementation. Conclusions. The CompHP Pan-European Accreditation Framework for Health Promotion provides an agreed system to promote quality assurance and competence for health promotion practice and education in Europe. The Framework, which builds on the CompHP Core Competencies and Professionals Standards, outlines the systems and processes for the accreditation of health promotion practitioners and health promotion education and training by accrediting organizations at national and European levels.
DOI 10.1177/1090198112466664
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