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Howley, P,Hynes, S,Donoghue, CO
Landscape Research
Countryside Preferences: Exploring Individuals' Willingness to Pay for the Conservation of the Traditional Farm Landscape
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farm landscape willingness to pay (WTP) factor analysis multifunctional agriculture Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) CONTINGENT-VALUATION PUBLIC PREFERENCES RURAL LANDSCAPES LAND-USE AGRICULTURE DISCRETE BENEFITS POLICIES REFORM VALUES
This paper explored individuals' attitudes towards the traditional farm landscape and using the contingent valuation method (CVM) their willingness to pay (WTP) for agricultural activities aimed at its protection. Analysis of consumer attitudes towards the countryside can provide information from which policy-makers can ascertain if policy measures aimed at enhancing and protecting the rural landscape are in line with citizens' views and expectations. Results from a Generalized Tobit Interval model suggest that attitudes regarding the importance of particular landscape attributes have a differential impact on WTP. A variety of background variables and whether individuals live in the countryside were also found to strongly influence WTP. More generally, the results would indicate broad public support for second pillar objectives under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) such as the protection of the traditional farm landscape.
DOI 10.1080/01426397.2011.637619
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