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Holohan, Conn
European Cinema Research Forum, Edge Hill University, Liverpool
Fragile Utopia: between a rock and no-place in Ursula Meier's Home.
Edge Hill University, Liverpool
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In ‘Home in Hollywood’ Elisabeth Bronfen argues that home functions as ‘a symbolic fiction that makes one’s actual place of habitation bearable’. Ursula Meier’s 2008 film Home insightfully explores the operations of this fiction, including its gendered nature, and reveals how these fantasies underpin the functioning of cinematic melodrama. It could be argued that a tension between the stability of home and the lure of mobility lies at the heart of all cinema, and this tension is given visual and narrative expression in the fragile homespace that Home’s protagonists construct on the edge of a motorway. By refusing the motorway’s insistence on movement, they assert their own subjectively meaningful sense of place over an ever-encroaching utilitarian space.
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