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Holohan, Conn
I Jornada de Cinema e Literatura Irlandesa, Universidade Federal da Bahia
No direction home?: Traversing space in Irish Cinema
Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil
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This paper explores the ways in which Irish visual culture has constructed Ireland as a space of belonging. By drawing on various theoretical approaches to the cultural construction of home, this paper discusses the home as a symbolic fiction which underpins collective and personal senses of identity. It argues that social and cultural shifts within Ireland can be traced through changing articulations of what it means to be ‘at home’. Drawing on the anthropologist Marc Auge’s concept of the ‘non-place’, it analyses the construction of space within Irish visual culture of the last twenty years. It argues that during the period of economic boom the relationship between individual and environment was predominantly depicted in terms of ease – that Irishness was constructed as an identity which was at home in a globalized world. However, in recent visual constructions of Ireland a problematic relationship to space has become increasingly foregrounded. This can be connected to changing understandings of the individual’s relationship to the domestic and the nation space, as well as a shift in Ireland’s perception of its place within the world.
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