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Ray Murphy
Irish Yearbook Of International Law
‘Post-UN Withdrawal: An Assessment of Peacekeeping in Chad’
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Vol. 4-5
2009-2010 (2011)
The primary task of the parallel UN and European Union peace operations to Chad and the Central African Republic’s (CAR) borders with Sudan in 2008 was protection of civilians and humanitarian workers.   Delays in deployment by both EUFOR and MINURCAT undermined the operational effectiveness of the overall mission.  Resistance by the government of Chad to the presence of an international UN force became problematic during 2010.   Neither operation is reported to have succeeded in improving the overall security situation in both countries. A weakness of both operations was that each dealt with the consequences but not the root causes of the conflict. Despite continued insecurity, the UN peacekeeping mission, MINURCAT, withdrew late in 2010.  Despite the provisions in Chapter VII of the UN Charter authorising intervention in the domestic affairs of a state, the political realities meant that MINURCAT could not function with the consent of the host state.  This demonstrated the weakness in the legal regime governing the maintenance of international peace and security.  Did the mission succeed in providing and creating a safe environment for vulnerable groups? What are the lessons to be learned and who will protect those groups in the absence of an international military force?
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