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Martin Power & Eric Van Lente
Caring about care planning - A survey of assessment and care planning tools, processes and perspectives from residential care settings for older people in the Republic of Ireland
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assessment care planning standards older people Ireland
In recent decades there has been a move internationally toward increased standardisation of assessment and care planning for older people in residential care. In the Republic of Ireland, this trend is manifest within national standards governing care for older people that were introduced in mid-2009. This study was conducted approximately one year after the introduction of these national standards and sought to survey (n=106) the standardised instruments in use for assessment and the processes that surrounded assessment and care planning in residential centres. It found that there were substantial variations in the use of standardised instruments between domains of care. Within some domains standardised instruments were common, while in other domains they were largely absent or external professional input was the preferred option. In contrast, assessment and care planning processes and practices displayed little variation and were almost exclusively the preserve of medical professionals.
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