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Gerard Hastings and Christine Domegan
Social Marketing, from Tunes to Symphonies
Routledge, UK
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Social Marketing, behaviour change, systems thinking
Social Marketing, from Tunes to Symphonies as second edition has a more radical aim: to take social marketing to a new level; to show that it can move beyond ameliorative but fragmented campaigns and become a coherent movement for change.  That it can empower and energise people to become the authors of their own fate, whilst simultaneously encouraging contextual change that will help them to do so.  With this in mind, we have introduced new material in two key areas: a) on critical thinking to help you reflect on the problems of our current business values and practices and b) on systems thinking to provide a strategic conception of how beneficial change can be engendered.  In this way we feel social marketing can reach its full potential: to facilitate not just behaviour change, but far-reaching social change.    It is time, we feel, to move from tunes to symphonies.  Given the problems now facing the world, never has this been a more important task. 
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