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Allcock, A. L.
Cephalopod International Advisory Council Symposium 2012: Interdisciplinary approaches to cephalopod biology
Women in cephalopod research: past and present
Floreanopolis, Brazil
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This talk explores the contribution that women past and present have made to cephalopod research.  Beginning with some of the strong women from the earlier half of the twentieth century it explores some of the prejudices faced by these pioneering female scientists such as Anna Bidder and Grace Pickford.  An analysis of the studies undertaken by women who have devoted the greater part of their research career to cephalopods shows that a large proportion have contributed particularly to our knowledge of systematics and evolution.  The talk follows developments in cephalopod evolutionary biology tracing a path to the last few years where female researchers have been extremely active in molecular systematics and evolution.  The very latest developments in this field are described and the existing gaps in our knowledge and avenues for future research are highlighted.  Finally, the unique CIAC atmosphere and community, which provides an even playing field for female researchers, is celebrated.
NUI Galway’s Millennium Fund
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