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McHugh, Fearghal; Acton, Thomas
Global Conference on Innovations and Management
Better Decisions: Innovative Tool Support for the Software Development Organisation
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London, UK
The fast, unstructured and turbulent nature of decision making in agile software development (ASD) teams at times necessitates software-based support tools (Dabrowski, Acton, Drury, Conboy, and Dabrowska, 2011). The demands on development teams are increasing in terms of delivery expectations, and therefore requires innovation in how decision support tools are used. Decisions in agile teams are intense, with teams iteratively producing customer-focused software in short bursts of time.The study identifies, reviews and collates the functional elements of current decision support software being used in ASD, and identifies best practice and the requirements of agile team decision makers. The study involves key partnerships and industry contributors, including business technology consultancies, middle and back office solutions companies, enterprise security software solutions providers with input from a continuously evolving large global processor technology company. The study identifies which software tools are being used to support effective decision making throughout the agile process with the central objective of providing an innovative targeted business intelligence solution for optimal decision making in managing ASD.
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