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Baumann, C,Hall, T
International Journal Of Consumer Studies
Getting Cinderella to the ball: putting education at the heart of financial education
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Debt prevention financial edification financial education financial erudition money management education LITERACY
The recent banking collapse has called into question all activity related to financial services, from regulation to consumer protection, to financial education. Since the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's 2005 Recommendations on Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness, there has been an increase in financial education activity, yet the world is a different place. The role of financial education, its scope and its potential, must now be critically analysed to help ensure its efficacy in supporting financial rectitude in challenging times. The authors draw on several years experience in the design and delivery of financial education programmes and debt prevention interventions, informed by their perspective as educationalists. In this theoretical commentary, they seek to influence the discourse on financial education, and position education as a foundational discipline in financial education. The authors identify potential risk to the future of financial education, engaging with the literature that questions the validity of financial education as an endeavour in consumer protection, which points to the dearth of empirical evidence to support its effectiveness, and which queries the efficacy of resourcing such initiative development. They argue that financial education focused on consumption cannot serve the citizen; rather, financial education must be rooted in the needs of the individual. Through these analyses, the authors highlight areas of further research, which when undertaken, can lead to more effective outcomes for all. This article introduces the concept of financial edification as an approach to financial education, predicated on the needs of the individual. In repositioning financial education as a pedagogical endeavour, the article asserts that financial education, when not driven by education, cannot achieve its true potential; it is time for Cinderella to go to the ball.
DOI 10.1111/j.1470-6431.2012.01116.x
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