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IUHPE; Jenkins, E; Chartier, M; Fox, C; Fanslow, J; Rickwood, D; Ardiles, P; Fleury, J; Verins, I; Dadaczynski, K; Clarke, A; Stansfield, J; Novak, M; Okan, O; Tamminen, N; Barry, MM
Critical Actions for Mental Health Promotion
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound impacts on population mental health globally1-4, including rising rates of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and increases in suicidal thoughts and behaviours5-7. While the COVID-19 virus itself is associated with a number of mental health consequences, including anxiety disorders8,9, the decline in population mental health is predominantly a product of the ‘secondary effects’ of the pandemic. These secondary effects largely operate through the social and structural determinants of mental health leading to widening inequities for sub-populations and groups who already experienced health and social inequities due to racism, exclusion, discrimination, and stigma.
Critical Actions for Mental Health Promotion, position statement developed by the IUHPE Global Working Group on Mental Health Promotion
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