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Költő, A., Vaughan, E., O’Sullivan, L., Kelly, C; Saewyc, E.M., & Nic Gabhainn, S.
British Psychological Society Psychology of Sexualities Annual Conference
LGBTI+ Two-phased Landscape and Research Gap Analysis
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Objectives: There is a growing research interest in different aspects of LGBTI+ young people’s lives and health, but most studies are from North America. In line with the Irish LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy 2018-2020, our aim was to collect relevant studies conducted in Europe in order to draw a landscape and identify knowledge gaps in the area of LGBTI+ youth research. Methods: Using a combination of different searching methods, we identified 4603 relevant research records. These were independently evaluated by two researchers against pre-set inclusion criteria, resulting in a set of 127 retained records. First, specific information on each records were extracted in order to create a landscape. Second, the records were evaluated by standard evidence quality methods, and gaps were identified where LGBTI+ youth research should be adapted and/or improved. Results: Coverage of the different objectives of the LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy was uneven, and quality of the evidence varied. Some areas and topics (e.g. bullying and inclusive educational settings) were well covered, while other areas such as employment and work experiences, the specific needs of intersex youth, and fragmentation of LGBTI+ youth services, were almost entirely missing. Conclusions: The landscape of European research with LGBTI+ youth is varied and diverse in terms of scope, aims, research questions, design and methods, investigated populations and outcomes. Cross-national comparisons and intervention studies are largely missing, and many of the studies concentrate on bullying victimisation or poor mental health, while positive dimensions and sources of resilience remain to be explored.
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