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Bisagni, Jacopo
A Descriptive Handlist of Breton Manuscripts, c. AD 780-1100
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Manuscripts, early medieval Brittany, Old Breton, Old Irish, Digital Humanities, glosses.
This open-source database offers for the first time an exhaustive list, accompanied by accurate descriptions and bibliographies, of all 225 early medieval manuscripts associated with Brittany. With its over 66,000 words, this resource is an essential point of reference for any scholar wishing to carry out research on Early Medieval Brittany and its cultural relationship with the Carolingian empire and the Insular world, including Ireland. Entirely based on original research, this resource is a major planned research output of the project 'Ireland and Carolingian Brittany: Texts and Transmission' (IrCaBriTT), funded by the Laureate Awards of the Irish Research Council.
NUI Galway
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Irish Research Council (IRC)
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