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Devaney, C., Crosse R., Rodriguez, L., and Silke, C.
A study of Tusla - Child and Family Agency’s actions and decision-making process following An Garda Síochána’s application of Section 12 of the Child Care Act 1991 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth
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Children, Young People, Emergency Removal, Police, Care, Protection, Welfare,
In 2017, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs requested Tusla – Child and Family Agency, to commission new research into the number of children who have been subject to a Section 12 and reflect the demographic profile by age and location. The main objectives of the research were: To identify the pathways for children who have been subject to Section 12 of the Child Care Act 1991 between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017 To explore the rationale and decision-making process of social workers in the aftermath of Section 12 To describe the characteristics of communications between Tusla and An Garda Síochána in relation to Section 12 notifications and follow-ups from the perspective of Tusla social work and Tusla management To ascertain the role of the Out-of-Hours Service in Tusla’s response to Section 12 To examine and determine the circumstances relating to children being removed more than once.
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Tusla - Child and Family Agency
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy