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Conway, T., Cawley, M
Tourism Planning & Development
Organizational networking in an emerging tourism destination
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Ecotourism Organizational networking Greenbox Ireland
This paper presents the results of a study of planned ecotourism destinationdevelopment in an economically marginal rural area on the border between Ireland and NorthernIreland. The initiative, which was funded primarily from European Union sources, wasadministered by a network consisting of representatives of local authorities, national tourismbodies, regional and rural development groups, and ecotourism providers. The paper focuses onthe organizational network and its networking in promoting ecotourism. At the end of the pilotproject the network ceased to function actively, reflecting the short-term nature of some funding-ledorganizational forms. However, a range of benefits arose in terms of increased awareness ofecotourism and the potential of the selected area for this form of tourism, incorporation ofecotourism into policy documents and the emergence of a provider-led ecotourism promotionalgroup. The experience suggests that even short-term networking can have more positive outcomesthan is sometimes recognized.
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PRTLIIV Funding for a project entitled 'Networking and embeddedness in rural tourism', funded through the Institute for Business, Social Sciences and Public Policy through the Irish Social Sciences Platform 2008-2013
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy