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Barry, MM
Global Health Promotion
Capacity building for the future of health promotion.
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This commentary outlines the work plan of the Global Vice President for Capacity Building, Education and Training over the period 200710. Two key areas are prioritised for action: workforce development in countries with identified capacity needs; and the development of international collaboration on core competencies for health promotion practice, education and training. Building a competent health promotion workforce is key to delivering on the vision, core values, principles and commitments of international directives and agreements on the promotion of health. There is a need for a trained and competent workforce who have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in translating policy objectives and current research knowledge into effective action. This work plan calls for investment in the human and technical resources needed for the sustainable development and implementation of effective practice and policy for the future. The development of mechanisms for the delivery of accessible culturally appropriate training and professional education is targeted for action. (Promot Educ, 2008; 15 (4): pp. 56-58)
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