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Barry, MM; Battel-Kirk, B; Davison, H; Dempsey, C; Parish, R; Schipperen, M; Speller, V; Zanden, van der, G; Zilnyk, A
The CompHP Project Handbooks.
International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE),
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SCOPE AND LAYOUTThis document comprises three Handbooks which were developed as part ofproject entitled ‘Developing Competencies and Professional Standards for HealthPromotion Capacity Building in Europe’ (CompHP).The CompHP Core Competencies Framework for Health Promotion Handbookpresents the domains of core competency necessary for competent and ethicalhealth promotion practice.The CompHP Professional Standards for Health Promotion Handbook outlinesprofessional standards which are derived from the CompHP Core CompetenciesFramework and describes the knowledge and skills and measures of competenceusing performance criteria.The CompHP Pan-European Accreditation Framework for Health PromotionHandbook builds on the CompHP Core Competencies and Professional Standardsto outline the systems and processes for the accreditation of health promotionpractitioners and health promotion education and training at national andEuropean levels.Each of the Handbooks is also available as a separate document, together withshort versions in English, French and Spanish. These documents and reports ontheir development are available on the Project website1.In this document each Handbook is presented in a separate section, whichcontains the references and appendices specific to its contents. When citing theCompHP Handbooks reference may be made either to the individual documentsor to this combined version. However, attention should be paid to differences incitation details and in the sequencing of some content and references betweenthe two versions.
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