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67. Due, P., Damsgaard, M.T., Rasmussen, M., Holstein, B., Sorensen, T.I.A.,Wardle, J., Merlo, J., Currie, C., Ahluwalia, N., Lynch, J., Borraccino, A., Borup, I., Boyce, W., Elgar, F., Nic Gabhainn, S., Krolner, R., Matos, M.G., Nansel, T., Al Sabbah, H., Svastisalee, C., Valimaa, R. & Vereecken, C.
25 years of the HBSC study: contribution and future challenges
Macro-economic environment, social inequality and overweight among adolescents in 35 countries
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Seville, Spain
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