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Khoo, S.; Kleibl, T
Irish Studies In International Affairs
Addressing the global emergencies of climate and human rights from below - A view from the pedagogy of development ethics and international social work
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Climate emergency; development ethics, international social work; human rights; creative pedagogies
Acknowledging that the climate emergency is a transdisciplinary challenge that changes everything, this paper offers reflections on teaching and research, attending to the public and students’ demands, witnessed at a global climate protest—‘to not remain as bystanders, but join in action!’ It asks, what could we begin to do to teach, research and write for climate action, and for solidarity? We offer a joint reflection on the experience of a collaborative Erasmus+ Disciplinary Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Erasmus DELTA) training exchange and consider the challenges and benefits for engaged scholarship, subject specific curriculum enhancement and creative pedagogy
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Irish Research Council (IRC)
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy, Humanities in Context