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Collins, P & Murtagh, A
Digital Culture Index: Population Production of Photo and Video
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Indices bring together a range of data to assist evaluation of complex concepts and phenomena, facilitating the measurement of progress over time (OECD, 2008). The creative and cultural sector is diverse and multifaceted, which has led researchers and policymakers to use indices as an assessment and analysis tool. For example, Richard Florida’s Creativity Index was published in 2002. The Creative City Index developed by Charles Landry and Johnathan Hyams was published in 2012. However creativity indices are rare in peripheral contexts. As part of a creative momentum project we have developed a series of indices assessing different aspects of creative and cultural sector development in the partner regions. This report presents the ‘Digital Culture Index: Population Production of Photo and Video’ which measures levels of publication of video and photo content on digital platforms in the partner regions. This index helps provide preliminary insights into how the region, and not just the creative industries in it, engages with digital cultural content.
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Creative Momentum Project
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