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Collins, P & Murtagh, A
Network of Shared Creative Spaces: Profiling & Connecting Shared Creative Spaces across Europe’s Northern Edge
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The Network of Shared Creative Spaces was an activity of the transnational EU co-funded 'a creative momentum project' (2015-2018). The main goals of the Network were to share good practice and learning between existing Creative Spaces across the partner regions, to utilise these Spaces as locations for the delivery of other project activities and events, and to ensure the inclusion of creative talent in the NPA areas. The starting point was to define what a ‘Shared Creative Space’ is. The partners agreed that a Shared Creative Space should adhere to the following criteria: 1. Should house at least one creative business/entrepreneur with a view to housing at least one more. 2. Should be a structure that provides four walls and a roof to any creative businesses that are working out of these premises. 3. Should have a networking area.
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Creative Momentum Project
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy