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Collins, P and Murtagh, A
Creative Sector Supports in Västernorrland: Entrepreneur Perspectives on Future Needs
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This report presents an assessment of the creative sector support needs in the Västernorrland region. The findings are based on the perspective of creative practitioners and entrepreneurs. The region has strengths it can build on, but also areas for development to support a stronger position for the creative sector. The findings are underpinned by evidence from an online survey of the creative sector, as well as a series of interviews with creative professionals1 Data collected aimed to gain an understanding of the general attributes of the region, such as communications infrastructure, natural and broader business environment. It also focused on supports received and current needs, as well as challenges facing future development. The key findings inform a number of recommendations made in the final section to support the future development of the creative sector in the Västernorrland region. We also discuss strengths of the region and outline good practice examples of innovative initiatives and supports. This part of the analysis can also provide insights for other peripheral regions to inform approaches to creative sector development.
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Creative Momentum Project
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy