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Power, D & Collins, P
Industry And Innovation
Peripheral Visions: the film and television industry in Galway, Ireland
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Core periphery; cultural creative industry; TV-film industry; ireland
This paper attempts to blur the periphery versus centre binary by considering the emergence of a small, but vibrant, agglomeration of cultural industries in Galway, Ireland. Key agents in this story include postcolonial activists, Irish language supporters, Hollywood directors, and local politicians. This is an example of an industry agglomeration in a ‘peripheral’ setting and in the context of a threatened language. Language, culture and community are argued to be fundamental to the case and can be traced back to an underrepresented community finding a voice for itself. It is argued that studies of industry and innovation should not ignore small scale or peripheral cases; that being in the periphery can be an asset in terms of entrepreneurship, creative freedom and field formation; that periphery must be set in a relational framework; and that the medium of cultural production must be part of under- standing industrial dynamics and innovation.
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International, NUI Galway
Moore institute Visiting Fellow Programme
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy