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Cooney, R., FitzGerald, R., Clifford, E.
Biodiversity accounting in freshwater aquaculture life cycle assessments
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The literature was consulted for biodiversity impact metrics, which could appropriately represent the change in biodiversity resulting from aquaculture discharges. Such a study can be conducted by establishing a control site upstream (US) of the aquaculture unit and determining the impact by sampling at multiple points DS of the discharge point, thus allowing the establishment of a cause effect relationship. This research builds on previous work in developing a category to account for biodiversity in life cycle inventories. Methodologies which were investigated included: 1) Michelsen 2008 and Coelho and Michelsen (2013), 2) Jeanneret et al. 2014, and 3) Penman et al. 2010.
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Environment, Marine and Energy