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Fox, S., Clifford, E.
7th International Water Association (IWA) Young Water Professionals Conference
Simplified real time control of small scale wastewater treatment systems
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Belgrade, Serbia
There is increasing demand on operators of small scale wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to improve biological nutrient removal and energy efficiency. Automated monitoring and automation of wastewater treatment plants can provide the necessary tools to improve plant performance. However, online sensors for key parameters such as ammonium can require excessive maintenance, are unreliable unless frequently maintained and are often not affordable. In addition, control techniques such as machine learning are not currently financially or technically compatible within small scale treatment facilities. This study presents a methodology to use low cost, reliable surrogate sensors in association with inexpensive and robust programmable logistic controllers to improve performance and energy efficiency of batch type WWTPs (e.g. sequencing batch reactors). The paper presents simplified methodologies for control of batch WWTPs using pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) trends. A purpose built SBR WWTP with a fixed time treatment cycle was monitored for this study. Applying these methodologies to the gathered data returned average reductions in cycle time of 50.9% and 50.3% for pH and ORP trends respectively. Corresponding average energy reduction was 39.0% for both trends. Ammonium removal was 74.2% and 78.4% of total removal in the fixed time cycle for pH and ORP respectively. The developed control methodologies have significant potential to enhance the performance of small scale and decentralised WWTPs.
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Enterprise Ireland (EI), Irish Research Council (IRC)
The authors wish to acknowledge the support received from the Irish Research Council, Molloy Environmental Systems and Enterprise Ireland
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Environment, Marine and Energy