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Hannon, L., Clifford, E., Mulligan, S., Perfido, D., Messervey, T., Costa, A., Casciati, S., Kouroupetroglou, C., De Vries, S., Derguech, W.
D5.2 Consolidated WATERNOMICS Pilot Reports
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A lack of information, management and decision support tools that present meaningful and personalized information about usage, price, and availability of water to end-users can hinder efforts to manage water as a resource. WATERNOMICS aims to address these issues using innovative ICT tools [1]. The project develops and introduces ICT as an enabling technology to manage water as a resource, increase end-user conservation awareness and affect behavioural changes, and to avoid waste through leak and other fault detection and diagnosis [2][3][4][5]. This report consolidates the WATERNOMICS Pilot Reports (Corporate, User and Municipal) into one single report to disseminate documentation, data analysis, comparisons, and lessons learned from each of the pilot activities. The report outlines the specific measures that were undertaken at each of the pilot sites to examine the effect of ICT interventions on the awareness and behaviour of stakeholders in terms of water consumption. In addition, it reports analysis on the assessment and validation impacts of interventions made at each pilot.
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WATERNOMICS Fund No. 619660 - Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Program (2007-2013)
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Environment, Marine and Energy