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Finnegan, W., Goggins, J., Clifford, E., Fitzhenry, K., Zhan, X.
XVth International Water Resources Association (IWRA) World Water Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland
Water consumption and direct energy use in the Irish dairy processing industry
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Dairy; key performance indicators; Ireland; milk processing; water consumption.
Edinburgh, Scotland
In 2015, the milk quota system that is in place in Europe is to be abolished, instigating an increase in milk production. This increase will aid in addressing the world’s ever growing demand for food but will incur increased stresses on the environmental impact and sustainability of the dairy industry. In this paper, aspects of the environmental sustainability of the Irish dairy processing industry are assessed by calculating two key performance indicators for 2013: water consumption and direct energy use. Water consumption was found to be approximately 2.28 m3/m3 milk processed. The energy usage is estimated to be 474 kWh/m3 milk processed, which is made up of 114 kWh/m3 milk processed in electrical energy and 360 kWh/m3 milk processed in thermal energy.
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for the DairyWater project
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Ref.: 13‐F‐507
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Environment, Marine and Energy