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Declan Coogan & Joseph Mooney
COVID 19 & Social Work - Ireland Report
International Association of Schools of Social Work
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COVID 19; Social Work; Ireland; Response to the pandemic;
The global social work profession has adapted and ‘bent with the flood’ of the COVID19 pandemic. The Country Reports that follow present examples of innovative engagement with digital technology, a return to practical help and support in the form of food parcels and vouchers for vulnerable families and children, more expeditious exchanges of information and a reduction in bureaucracy between state departments and service provision; in essence a reliance on one another, and the willingness of others to assist. Our Italian colleagues mention that the thoughts of restrictions, fear of death, and uncertainty about tomorrow conjure memories of wartime for many older generations. Such memories, however, will also stir notions of collective action, joint responses and strong community spirit. A global pandemic acts like a control in a scientific experiment, it is an enemy that exerts an impact on everyone and serves to expose the stark inequalities and vulnerabilities within our countries and communities. In doing so however, it also exposes our equal worth, our interdependence. What becomes more apparent as we move through the pandemic, towards a ‘new normal’ in terms of governance, socialisation, economy and community, is that we must position ‘care’ as political and ethical posturing in our efforts to reopen and rebuild (Meagher and Parton 2004). Social work is uniquely placed and ready to help with this task.
Report on the social work response in Ireland to COVID 19 as part of an international report
Lena Dominelli, Timo Harrikari, Joseph Mooney, Vesna Leskošek and Erin Kennedy Tsunoda
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy