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Keogh IJ, Hone SW, Colreavey M, Walsh M
Journal Of Laryngology And Otology
Blood splash and tonsillectomy: an underestimated hazard to the otolaryngologist.
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Mucocutaneous exposure is an important route of transmission of hepatitis viruses and HIV in healthcare workers. Few data exist in the literature on the risk of transconjunctival exposure during many surgical procedures. We investigated the use of eye protection during tonsillectomy and measured the incidence of potential eye splash. No otolaryngologist surveyed routinely used eye protection during tonsillectomy. Splash events occurred in 23 out of 103 tonsillectomies. In all cases the surgeon was unaware of the splash. Splash events were significantly more likely to occur during adult tonsillectomy (p < 0.05). We strongly advise the routine use of eye protection during tonsillectomy.
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