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Carmel Devaney
2021 January
Child Protection and the Care Continuum
Prevention and Early Intervention with Children, Young People and Families
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ChildrenÂ’s future is the present (Cosaro 1997). Notwithstanding the fact that children are active agents in their own right they remain a vulnerable group dependent on adults to protect, support, nourish and educate them. Supports therefore need to be available to children and young people as early as possible and usually require the involvement of family members and family circumstances who, as Devaney (2008) emphasised, can be either the subject of the intervention or a partner for change. As will be shown in this chapter, any supports that are provided need to be underpinned by the principles of accessibility, responsiveness and inclusivity in how they are planned and delivered. To illustrate the application of these principles, this chapter will examine models and approaches applied in children and family services in Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is geographically a relatively small country of just over 70,000 square kilometers, with a population of 4,761,865, of which 1,251,796 are children. The average number of children in each family is 1.38, with 18 per cent of families having one parent, the vast majority of whom (86.4%) are one-parent mothers (CSO 2016). The chapter firstly debates the conceptual issues involved in taking a preventative stance in service provision and in day-to-day child welfare practice. The chapter will use this context to highlight the implementation of, and evidence base supporting a programme for prevention and early intervention in the child protection and welfare system.
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