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Khoo SG, Keogh IJ, Timon C
Ir Med J
The use of botulinum toxin in Frey's Syndrome.
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Frey's Syndrome, or gustatory sweating, occurs in over 50% of patients following superficial parotidectomy. In the vast majority of cases, these symptoms are not severe enough to require surgical treatment and can be effectively treated with topical anticholinergics and antihyperhydrotics. Patients with recalcitrant Frey's Syndrome can be treated by a variety of surgical procedures. However, the potential risks and side effects of these surgical procedures often outweigh the benefits. Botulinum toxin A has recently emerged as a popular treatment option for a number of head and neck conditions. The anticholinergic effects of Botox make it particularly suitable for the treatment of Frey's Syndrome. We report our experience.
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