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Harrison RF, Hannon K, Keogh I, Aherne J, Faez R, Barry-Kinsella C, Lawless B, O'Rourke M, Doorly E, Walsh M
Ir J Med Sci
In vitro fertilisation and allied techniques. The initial experiences of the first Irish service.
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Since 1986 in vitro fertilisation and allied techniques have formed a part of the fertility service at St. James's Hospital. By June 1988 using routine methodology, IVF or GIFT has been attempted at least once in 94 women with a further 17 having one repeat procedure and 4 two repeat procedures performed. Although embryos were cultured from 54% of oocytes in which fertilisation was attempted, no pregnancies were achieved during that period with IVF. Ten pregnancies had occurred during a GIFT cycle (9 at first attempt, 16%) 60% of these are on-going. Also continuing were pregnancies where ovulation induction was abandoned on day 8 (1) and where conception occurred spontaneously whilst on the waiting list for the procedure (8) and in untreated cycles following the procedure (4) (16%). Seventy percent of patients who failed the first time expressed a wish to try again.
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