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Harrison RF, Barry-Kinsella C, Drudy L, Gordon A, Hannon K, Hennelly B, Keogh I, Kondaveeti U, Nargund G, Verso J
Ir Med J
An Irish out-patient based in-vitro fertilisation service.
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The first year's activity of a fully out-patient based, self financing, in vitro fertilisation service is reported. 98 couples had superovulation regimes tailored to need. 138 cycles were started. 109 retrievals were attempted using the vaginal ultrasound probe under Fentanyl and Midazolam sedation. In 106, oocytes were successfully retrieved (average seven per patient). In 80, embryos were transferred (average three). 13 patients achieved clinical pregnancies giving an overall pregnancy rate of 9.4% per cycle, 12% per oocyte retrieval, 16.5% per embryo transfer and 13% per patient who embarked on the programme. One pregnancy was ectopic, two aborted, and 10 are ongoing; this includes seven singleton foetuses and three sets of twins. All pregnant patients were referred back to their unit of origin for antenatal care and delivery.
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