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Colreavy MP, Keogh I, Hone S, Lacy PD, Gaffney RJ, Walsh MA
Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences
Nitinol stents: their value in tracheobronchial obstruction.
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Recurrent tracheobronchial obstruction whether due to a benign or malignant cause is not always amenable to surgery and one is left with the dilemma of what to do for a patient who is slowly asphyxiating. Various modalities have been employed in the past with varying degrees of success. However due to the recent innovations in 'superelastic' biocompatible alloys we present our clinical experience with a new generation of metallic stents made from Nitinol. Over a 12-month period we inserted eight stents in six patients with malignant and benign tracheobronchial obstruction. Almost all patients had dramatic improvement in their symptoms and there was little airway reaction observed up to 18 months after insertion. However, one should exercise caution in inserting them for benign conditions as we regard them as permanent implants. Also evident is the inherent morbidity in this group of patients and this needs to be carefully considered prior to treatment.
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