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Cronin, Nessa
2020 December
Routledge International Handbook of Irish Studies
Environmentalities: Speculative Imaginaries of the Anthropocene
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Environment, Environmentalities, Climate Change, Ireland, Anthropocene, Speculative Imaginaries, Ecological Crisis, Irish Literature.
This chapter explores the relationship between climate, capital, and culture through the contemporary expression of “environmentalities” in twenty-first century Ireland. It argues that a key issue at stake with our current planetary, climate, and ecological crisis is not the question of the “environment” per se, but rather is the question of environmentalities. It argues that the problems of “species thinking” and “scale jumping” have been key in shaping a western ontological relationship to the environment. The chapter finally argues for the need of “speculative imaginaries,” of new ways of thinking about the “wicked problem” of our climate and ecological emergencies.
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Research Support Fund (NUIG)
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Environment, Marine and Energy, Humanities in Context