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Anne Byrne
Sociological Association of Ireland, 39th Annual Conference
‘Like A Window opening onto a Blank Wall’; the Letters of a Dublin Housewife to Leonard Woolf.
Maynooth, Co Kildare
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Annual conference of the Professional Association of Sociologists in IrelandThis paper consider’s the letters of Nancy Nolan to Leonard Woolf, publisher, political activist and husband to Virginia Woolf. A fan of Virginia Woolfs essays and books, she began a long term correspondence with Leonard Woolf long after Virginia died. The correspondence is archived as ‘fan mail’. This paper suggests that the contents of these letters could be considered as partly fan-mail but are an intimate insight into the daily life of a Dublin based housewife in the decades after World War 2. Nancy Nolan was ambitious for her children, managed family relationships and economies while creating a life of her own in and through books. In writing to Woolf, the domestic and the literary are counter posed.
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