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Anne Byrne
Are the Irish Different? International Conference, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
Are Irish Women Different?
University College Dublin, Ireland
Invited Lecture
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In this paper I discuss women's  identities in the context of ideology and discourses. Ireland has been characterised as a place, space, country in which the ideology of concensus has made resistance or radical change difficult. It could be argued that women and the women’s movement in Ireland been in key in bringing radical ideologies and discourses to bear on Irish issues. Ingman (2007) cites Foster who 'put forward the suggestion that feminist theory with its stress on difference might provide ‘a third force, a third Irish  identity’, capable of destabilizing the binaries (Catholic/ Protestant, nationalist/ unionist) on which Irish identity has long been built (Foster, 1991, 246).  In this paper I present a brief history of  the radicalisation of Irish identities by making public space for  ‘woman’; what happens when we put ‘woman’ into the centre of Irish Studies; present insights from my own research about the consequences and opportunities that come with living with a ‘different’ identity as an Irish woman; followed by a suggestion for socio-biography as a possible avenue for research and inquiry that can bring the humanities and the social sciences a little closer theoretically, methodologically and substanively.
NUI Galway Millennium Fund 2012
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