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Collins, P
Moycullen 2030: A Village Plan.
Irish Research Council
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Place based planning, people powered participation, collective visioning.
The Moycullen Village Plan was conceived to change how residents of a place interact with planning decisions regarding that place. As such, it sets out to be proactive. In so doing, it is placing the resident at the very centre of the process. With the help of support from the Irish Research Council and NUI Galway, we have set about changing the way we think about planning and placemaking. This has been achieved through an extensive engagement process that has taken place over six months. That engagement saw us solicit the views of circa 800 residents of Moycullen village. The discussions were interesting and the insights were fascinating. What follows is simply the summation of the views of people regarding their place
A Village Plan
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Irish Research Council (IRC)
New Foundations 2019
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy