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Farooq M;Iqbal T;Vazquez P;Farid N;Thampi S;Wijns W;Shahzad A;
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)
Thin-Film Flexible Wireless Pressure Sensor for Continuous Pressure Monitoring in Medical Applications.
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Physiological pressure measurement is one of the most common applications of sensors in healthcare. Particularly, continuous pressure monitoring provides key information for early diagnosis, patient-specific treatment, and preventive healthcare. This paper presents a thin-film flexible wireless pressure sensor for continuous pressure measurement in a wide range of medical applications but mainly focused on interface pressure monitoring during compression therapy to treat venous insufficiency. The sensor is based on a pressure-dependent capacitor (C) and printed inductive coil (L) that form an inductor-capacitor (LC) resonant circuit. A matched reader coil provides an excellent coupling at the fundamental resonance frequency of the sensor. Considering varying requirements of venous ulceration, two versions of the sensor, with different sizes, were finalized after design parameter optimization and fabricated using a cost-effective and simple etching method. A test setup consisting of a glass pressure chamber and a vacuum pump was developed to test and characterize the response of the sensors. Both sensors were tested for a narrow range (0-100 mmHg) and a wide range (0-300 mmHg) to cover most of the physiological pressure measurement applications. Both sensors showed good linearity with high sensitivity in the lower pressure range <100 mmHg, providing a wireless monitoring platform for compression therapy in venous ulceration.
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