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Gerrity, S., Kennelly, C., Collins, G., Clifford E., and Rodgers, M.
IWA World Congress on Water Climate and Energy
Efficiency and microbiology of novel, Horizontal Flow Biofilm Reactors (HFBRs) treating methane-contaminated air at 10 C
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HFBR, Methane oxidation, Methanotrophs, Microbial ecology, Wastewater, TRFLP
Dublin, Ireland
Anthropogenic sources of methane include landfills and wastewater treatment facilities. Legislation dealing with generation and treatment of gases and odours (EC, 2005) is increasingly stringent. Horizontal Flow Biofilm Reactors (HFBRs) have been used to treat domestic (Rodgers and Clifford, 2009) and dairy wastewater (Rodgers et al., 2007). The HFBR flow regime ensures contact between wastewater and biofilm, alleviating problems of clogging, channelling, compaction and pressure drop. Three HFBRs were designed to treat low CH4 concentrations at 10°C. Oxidation activity, as well as the diversity and distribution of species, were determined to assess the efficiency of the novel systems.
Science Foundation Ireland and an ERC Starting Grant
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Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Science Foundation Ireland and an ERC Starting Grant (‘3C-BIOTECH’; No. 261330).
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Environment, Marine and Energy