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Gaber¬öčik, C; Mitchell, S ;Fayne, A
2020 September
Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Series
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Circular manufacturing
Healthcare manufacturing is one of the leading creators of single-use products in Ireland and accounts for 11% of waste generated. Industry and businesses can play a significant role in tackling unsustainable production and consumption levels. Circular Economy (CE) practices could play a major role in the sustainability of health care and medical device manufacturing. This study aimed to develop an understanding of the current state of these company’s readiness for the Circular Economy. An online survey was carried out with key employees in this industry to understand their perception of CE and what might drive more circular models. This study found that there was very little knowledge of CE within this industry. Despite this, some aspects of CE had been implemented, driven by cost saving initiatives. The barriers to implementation identified included a lack of prioritization and funding to develop more sustainable models of production. It was also found that financial assistance (e.g. grants) together with policy and legislation could unlock opportunities to develop a more circular model. This study adds to the limited empirical literature on CE barriers and opportunities to manufacturing organisations operating in Ireland.
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Biomedical Science and Engineering, Environment, Marine and Energy