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O’Reilly, E., Fox, S., Rodgers, M., Clifford, E.
International symposium on domestic wastewater treatment and disposal systems
Research developments in the onsite treatment of wastewater
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on-site wastewater treatment; nutrient removal, disinfection, water research facility, technology development
Trinity College Dublin
The removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewaters arising from single houses and small communities, as well as the need for effluent disinfection, is receiving more attention in recent years. Some research developments in these areas in an Irish context (with some international examples) are presented. Key to the development of novel approaches to on-site treatment and disposal of wastewater are the availability and access to suitable research infrastructure allowing for the replication of ‘real-life’ conditions. To this end, the Water Research Facility is introduced and current technology development work presented.
Environmental Protection Agency
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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
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Environment, Marine and Energy