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Giugliano, R.P. and Ruff, C.T. and Braunwald, E. and Murphy, S.A. and Wiviott, S.D. and Halperin, J.L. and Waldo, A.L. and Ezekowitz, M.D. and Weitz, J.I. and Špinar, J. and Ruzyllo, W. and Ruda, M. and Koretsune, Y. and Betcher, J. and Shi, M. and Grip, L.T. and Patel, S.P. and Patel, I. and Hanyok, J.J. and Mercuri, M. and Antman, E.M. and Peruzzotti-Jametti, L. and Malynovsky, Y. and Morin, S.E. and Hoffman, E.B. and Deenadayalu, N. and Lanz, H. and Curt, V. and Duggal, A. and Davé, J. and Morgan, D. and Choi, Y. and Shi, M. and Jin, J. and Xie, J. and Crerand, W. and Kappelhof, J. and Maxwell, W. and Skinner, M. and Selicato, G. and Otto, C. and Reissner, C. and Smith, K. and Ostroske, J. and Ron, A. and Connolly, S. and Camm, J. and Paolasso, E. and Aylward, P. and Heidbuchel, H. an
Edoxaban versus warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation
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