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Eikelboom, J.W. and Connolly, S.J. and Bosch, J. and Dagenais, G.R. and Hart, R.G. and Shestakovska, O. and Diaz, R. and Alings, M. and Lonn, E.M. and Anand, S.S. and Widimsky, P. and Hori, M. and Avezum, A. and Piegas, L.S. and Branch, K.R.H. and Probstfield, J. and Bhatt, D.L. and Zhu, J. and Liang, Y. and Maggioni, A.P. and Lopez-Jaramillo, P. and O’Donnell, M. and Kakkar, A.K. and Fox, K.A.A. and Parkhomenko, A.N. and Ertl, G. and Störk, S. and Keltai, M. and Ryden, L. and Pogosova, N. and Dans, A.L. and Lanas, F. and Commerford, P.J. and Torp-Pedersen, C. and Guzik, T.J. and Verhamme, P.B. and Vinereanu, D. and Kim, J.-H. and Tonkin, A.M. and Lewis, B.S. and Felix, C. and Yusoff, K. and Steg, P.G. and Metsarinne, K.P. and Bruns, N.C. and Misselwitz, F. and Chen, E. and Leong, D. an
Rivaroxaban with or without aspirin in stable cardiovascular disease
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