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Kumar, Ritesh and Ojha, Atul Kr. and Zampieri, Marcos and Malmasi, Shervin
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Trolling, Aggression and Cyberbullying (TRAC-2018)
Association for Computational Linguistics
Association for Computational Linguistics
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In the last few years, we have witnessed a gradual shift from largely static, read-only web to quickly expanding user-generated web. There has been an exponential growth in the availability and use of online platforms where users can post their own content. A major part of these platforms include social media websites and apps, blogs, Q&A forums and several similar platforms. All of these are almost exclusively user-generated websites. In all of these platforms and forums, humongous amount of data is created and circulated every minute. It has been estimated that there has been an increase of approximately 25% in the number of tweets per minutes and 22% increase in the number of Facebook posts per minute in the last 3 years. It is posited that approximately 500 million tweets are sent per day, 4.3 billion Facebook messages are posted and more than 200 million emails are sent each day, and approximately 2 million new blog posts are created daily over the web 1. There is no such a thing as a ‘consolidated figure’of the number of comments and opinion generated on websites worldwide, but it can be safely assumed that such a figure would be staggering. As the number of people and this interaction over the web has increased, incidents of aggression and related activities like trolling, cyberbullying, flaming, hate speech, etc. have also increased manifold across the globe. The reach and extent of Internet has given such incidents unprecedented power and influence to affect the lives of billions of people. It has been reported that such incidents of online aggression and abuse have not only created mental and psychological health issues for …
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