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Ojha, Atul Kr.; Chowdhury, Koel Dutta; Liu, Chao-Hong and Saxena, Karan
Proceedings of the 32nd Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation: 5th Workshop on Asian Translation: 5th Workshop on Asian Translation
The RGNLP Machine Translation Systems for WAT 2018
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Hong Kong
This paper presents the system description of Machine Translation (MT) system(s) for Indic Languages Multilingual Task for the 2018 edition of the WAT Shared Task. In our experiments, we (the RGNLP team) explore both statistical and neural methods across all language pairs. (We further present an extensive comparison of language-related problems for both the approaches in the context of low-resourced settings.) Our PBSMT models were the highest score on all automatic evaluation metrics in the English into Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil portion of the shared task.
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Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences