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McHugh, L. & Stewart, I.
The self and perspective taking
New Harbinger
Oakland, California
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Self, Perspective Taking, Relational Frame Theory, Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Understanding oneself and being able to take the perspective of other people are complex and related forms of cognition that have been the subject of much psychological and philosophical debate. This book presents a number of different theoretical and empirical orientations to the self and perspective-taking within contemporary behavioral science with a particular emphasis on the approach adopted by proponents of contemporary contextual behavioral psychology. In addition to presenting modern theory and research on the self, the book also includes a substantial focus on how theoretically grounded and pragmatically oriented research is being applied to training self-understanding and perspective-taking in typically developing children as well as to remediating deficits in self understanding in the clinical arena. 
ISBN-13: 978-1572249950
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