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Khoo, S.
The Leading Edge: International Development in Asia 2020
Discussant for Trocaire Leading Edge: International Development in Asia Report launch
Invited Oral Presentation
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This contribution discusses the Trocaire Leading Edge International Development in Asia report, an addition to the Leading Edge 2020 report lauched in 2011. It raises the question of the development consensus post MDG, and debates around methodologies for evaluating development and the mobilization of data and evidence for the development consensus. In terms of development policy and practice, the Asian dimension highlights broader global questions about the role of INGOs and their roles and relationships vis-a-vis states and local civil society. Drawing on recent evidence and analysis for Asia, the biggest challenges for a post-MDG global consensus imply a need for a new development narrative informed by new measure which reflect not only economic grwoth but development performance on inequalities, environmental space, thresholds and environmental justice and meaningful participation.
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